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Author: Ally
Rating: pg13
Pairing: Yesung/Zhou Mi, Hankyung/Heechul, Hankyung/Zhou Mi
Summary: Yesung is very oblivious
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check
For lovely_tatsuha who is a amazing guy

"I want to fucking kill him" Zhou Mi yelled, as he paced around the bedroom.

"No, you want him to fuck you" Hankyung replied.

"Well that too, but he's still a jackass" Zhou Mi answered.

"Zhou Mi just flirt with Yesung some more. I'm one hundred percent sure, that Yesung likes you. So just flirt with Yesung, then he'll be yours" Hankyung said.

"But Hannie, for the past seven weeks. I been flirting with him, like crazy. Also I had try being really sexy, walking around half naked. However Yesung doesn't seem to notices a thing at all" Zhou Mi answered.

"Umm did you try number seven seduction technique?" Hankyung asked.

"Which one is number seven?" Zhou Mi asked.

"Zhou Mi, number seven is when you make sure. That your crush is home, then you take a quick shower. Then you find your crush, only wearing a towel dripping wet. It usually always works" Hankyung answered.

"Well did it work with Heechul?" Zhou Mi asked.

"I'm still just teasing Heechul at the moment. But remembered it's Heechul, who I'm in love with. At the moment, I'm trying to just flirt with him. However probably in a few weeks. I'll lay on his bed, wearing my birthday suit. And holding a sign, that say I'll fuck him or he can fuck me" Hankyung replied.

"Why are we in love with idiots?" Zhou Mi asked.

"Well love is one unbelievable crazy thing. But I'll help you with Yesung. I'm sure, that we'll figure something out" Hankyung said.

"But what are we going to do. Maybe we could just drive Heechul and Yesung crazy with jealously" Zhou Mi said.

"Yes, I'll jump you this very second. And you can start moaning like we're have the best sex in the world" Hankyung teased.

"At this point I will try anything. So Hannie jump me and have your wicked way with me" Zhou Mi replied.

"Oh here I come then. I'll show you pleasure, that will make you go crazy" Hankyung teased.

"Come on Hannie, I'm waiting" Zhou Mi said.

"Oh Zhou Mi, you sexy thing" Hankyung said,

So then Hankyung pushed Zhou Mi onto the bed. Then Hankyung started to tickle Zhou Mi. While Zhou Mi is trying to push Hankyung off him. Both boys didn't notices, that the door opened. And there standing in the doorway, is Heechul and Yesung. While Hankyung and Zhou Mi were rolling around on the bed. Yesung and Heechul just stood there froze to the ground. Since to Heechul and Yesung, the sight in front of them. It looked like Hankyung and Zhou Mi were fooling around.

"Umm Hannie, I want Beijing fried rice now" Heechul demanded.

"And Zhou Mi, you promised to buy me some more coffee" Yesung added.

Both Zhou Mi and Hankyung shared one evil look. And they decided to mess with Yesung and Heechul for a while.

"well we're kinda of in the middle of something. I'm about to rip Hannie's shirt off. So in less, you want to watch Hannie and I go at it. Please get the hell out of here. I want to see my Hannie naked" Zhou Mi whined.

"Yeah, we really busy at the moment. Heechul get someone else to make your food. And Yesung, you can buy your own coffee" Hankyung added.

"But Zhou Mi makes the perfect cup of coffee" Yesung whined.

"And no one can make Beijing fried rice like you, Hannie" Heechul added.

"As you can see, we're busy at the moment. It's not like, we're important to you two" Zhou Mi answered.

"Yeah, is there something wrong with Zhou Mi and I" Hankyung asked.

"Well of course not, we're just mad. That we are losing our slaves" Yesung answered.

"So that all you think of me. Is that I'm your slave?" Zhou Mi asked.

"So Heechul, I'm only a slave to you" Hankyung added.

"Yes, you're the perfect slave for me. You always make me, the perfect cup of coffee every morning. Also you always make sure, that there's coffee in the apartment" Yesung answered.

"Yeah Hannie, you always do everything for me" Heechul added.

"Well fuck you, fucking assholes. Just get the fucking hell out of my room. Only Hannie is allowed to stay. Yesung i hope your coffee is rotten or something" Zhou Mi yelled.

"Yes please just go and die assholes" Hankyung said.

"But Zhou Mi" Yesung whined.

"Get the fuck out, or I'll kill your turtle" Zhou Mi yelled.

"We don't want you here" Hankyung added, as he pushed both Heechul and Yesung out of the room.

"Great just fucking great, we're in love with assholes. Fucking bastards who just think of us, as damn slaves. I hate my fucking life, it's no wonder. That they weren't jealous of us. We mean absolutely nothing to them" Zhou Mi screamed, as he started to paces around the room.

"I must agree with you. Life really does fucking suck at the moment" Hankyung replied.

So while Hankyung and Zhou Mi were bitching about the assholes. In Heechul's room, Yesung and Heechul were talking about their problems.

"Heechul, Zhou Mi is dating Hannie. Also Zhou Mi hates me" Yesung whined.

"Well we really fuck up, when we mention the whole slave thing" Heechul said.

"Yes why the bloody hell, did i say that. Zhou Mi isn't a slave to me, he's the love of my life" Yesung replied.

"I agree, the whole slave thing. what the fuck, Hannie is going to hate me forever. We went into Zhou Mi's room, so we could asked them out. But we fuck up, in the bloody worse way possible" Heechul said.

"So we screw up, and my Zhou Mi is dating Hannie. I hate my life more than anything in the world" Yesung replied.

"Yesung, no we're going to march back into Zhou Mi's bedroom. Then I'm going to tell Hannie, that I love him. And you're going to do the same with Zhou Mi. We're not going to lose the ones we love. No actually I'll dragged Hannie to my room. So you can tell Zhou Mi, how you really feel about him" Heechul said.

"We're really going to do this?" Yesung asked.

"Yes, we're not going to stand by and do nothing. So let's go do it, Hannie is mine" Heechul said.

So Heechul and Yesung races back to Zhou Mi's room. So both boys rushes into Zhou Mi's room. Where Hankyung and Zhou Mi were still bitching about Heechul and Yesung.

"What the fucking hell, do you assholes want" Zhou Mi yelled.

"Well Hannie and I need to have a long talk" Heechul answered, as he dragged Hankyung out of the room.

"Well Yesung get the hell out of my room" Zhou Mi yelled.

"No, we're going to talk" Yesung replied.

"I'm not your fucking slave Yesung. And I don't want to talk with you" Zhou Mi screamed.

"I'm sorry about the whole slave thing. But there's something I want to tell you. Well Zhou Mi, to be completely honest. Oh fuck it all, Zhou Mi I love you" Yesung said.

"What the fucking hell" Zhou Mi yelled.

"I love you so fucking much" Yesung said.

"You're lying to me, you sick asshole" Zhou Mi yelled.

"I love you more than anything. And I'm so sorry about the whole slave thing. But Zhou Mi, I love you so very much" Yesung said.

"Well if you love me, so fucking much. Then why everytime when I flirted with you. You just did nothing at all" Zhou Mi replied.

"You never flirted with me. I would notices, that you were flirting with me" Yesung said.

"I been fucking flirting with you, for the past seven weeks. For the past weeks, I been kissing,touching you every chance I get. Also been walking around the apartment, half naked. How can you say, that I haven't been flirting with you" Zhou Mi yelled.

"I though it was just for the fans" Yesung answered.

"You're a fucking idiot, Yesung. So you think that I would crawl into your bed, only wearing boxers. I would do, that just for the fans" Zhou Mi said.

"Well you do love our fans" Yesung said.

"And what about, what happened two days ago. When I walked into your room only wearing a towel. Then my towel accidently fell" Zhou Mi added.

"Well I saw a very lovely view. But I would notices you flirting with me" Yesung replied.

"Yesung, just shut up and kiss me" Zhou Mi yelled.

"But Zhou Mi, I would notices your flirting" Yesung whined.

However Zhou Mi get sick of Yesung being a idiot. SO he decided to take things into his own hands. So Zhou Mi just pushed Yesung onto the bed. So they could finally kiss.

"This is called flirting Yesung" Zhou Mi said, before kissing Yesung.

"As much as I'm enjoying this. We should make sure, that Hannie and Heechul aren't dead" Yesung said, in between kisses.

"Fine, we'll go check on them. Hannie wants to kill Heechul, since Heechul is a lot like you" Zhou Mi replied.

So Zhou Mi and Yesung walked into Heechul's bedroom. However when they entered the bedroom. Heechul and Hankyung were making out on the bed. So both Zhou Mi and Yesung smiled at the pair on the bed. Then quietly left the bedroom, so they continued what they were doing earlier.

The End

Tags: super junior
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