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Title: New Super Junior
Author: Ally
Rating: pg
Summary: With the new album coming out. There are many changes for the group. However something major is going to happen to Hankyung
Disclaimer: do not own them.
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

It was now about five minutes until three o-clock. And the new Super Junior is patiently waiting for Hankyung to come. All the boys were wondering who would be coming with Hankyung. And of course both Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are wishing. That both Zhou Mi and Henry will be walking through the front door any second. But all the boys are wishing, that time would go by faster. Luckily for the boys, there's a knock at door. So Heechul races to the front door to answered it. And a few minutes later, he back with Hankyung and company. Since there's Tsubasa,Takki,Jin,Kame, Yamapi,Zhou Mi and Henry with Hankyung. So after everyone is introduced to everyone. All the boys are sitting down around the room.

"Well hello assholes, I see you're not dead yet. Aww, that so wreck my day" Zhou Mi whined.

"Zhou Mi, that's not very nice. I excepted better from you" Tsubasa said.

"Well Zhou Mi and Henry, we really miss you two. And we're so very happy, to see you two here" Eeteuk replied.

"To be completely honest, I really don't want to be here. I would rather be in hell, then have to see you assholes again. Also Kyuhyun I really hate you more than anything in this world. So for my birthday, please just die" Zhou Mi answered.

"Please Zhou Mi, can we talk in private?" Kyuhyun asked.

"No fucking way, I hate you I hate you" Zhou Mi yelled.

"Zhou Mi, you're going to listen to Mama. And I think it, would be for the best. If you go have a talk with that young man" Tsubasa added.

"But Mama, I really don't want to" Zhou Mi whined.

"Zhou Mi, you're going to listen to your Mama. Also Henry is there someone you need to talk with?" Takki asked.

"Well Henry, please can we talk in private?" Ryeowook asked.

"Yes Ryeowook we can have a private talk" Henry answered.

" I still don't want to talk with the jackass" Zhou Mi added.

"Zhou Mi, just talk with Kyuhyun. And after this meeting, we'll go for ice cream" Jin said.

"Fine but I'm getting a banana spilt. But let's go Kyuhyun, this is just going to be so much fun" Zhou Mi answered.

"We can go talk in my room" Kyuhyun said.

"And then Henry and Ryeowook, can talk in Eeteuk and Kangin room" Heechul added.

So the four boys went off to talk privately. While everyone started talking about the whole situation. However while everything in the living room is peaceful. While in Kyuhyun's room things were very far off peaceful.

"I hate hate hate you so fucking much" Zhou Mi yelled.

"Are we going to talk, or you just going to yell?" Kyuhyun asked.

"Well I'm having fun yelling at you, jackass. If I could I would never see you again. But for some stupid reason, everyone thinks I should talk with you" Zhou Mi answered.

"Zhou Mi, I know you're angry with us. However you need to stop being so angry. So I can talk with you" Kyuhyun said.

"But if I'm not angry, then I just don't know" Zhou Mi replied.

Meanwhile in the living room, things were going better. Well at least there's no yelling or fighting going on.

"So we know, that something weird is going on. But what are we going to do?" Yamapi asked.

"We need to do some more digging around. Since we have no solid proof of anything" Donghae answered.

"And when we do find the proof, what are we going to do?" Kame asked.

"Yes even when we do find the proof. It's not like, the new Super Junior can go talk with Lee Soo-man. It's his niece who causing all the trouble. So there's a brilliant chance, that he's helping her" Jin added.

"Yes Lee Soo-man is helping her. We all know, that Lee Soo-man is asshole. So he is probably loving this whole fucking mess" Kibum said.

"Well one things for sure. I'm not letting anyone hurt my babies. I'll kill that bastard first" Tsubasa said.

"I agree with Tsubasa, if Lee Soo-man comes near my babies again. Then I'll kill him" Eeteuk added.

"Well it's nice to know, that you'll kill Lee Soo-man. However that doesn't solved the problem at hand" Sungmin replied.

"Yes but what should we do about this problem. we both know, that Sunny and Lee Soo-man are fucking evil. First they turned us against Hannie. So then Hannie is kicked out of Super Junior. Then to make things even worst. They also kicked both Henry and Zhou Mi out too. However luckily for them, for found another family. And I'm very thankful for the JE family. So thank you so much for being there for them. However then even knowing there's no real proof. That Sunny or Lee Soo-man is behind this. Also someone try to break up Yesung and Kibum. So they could be planning more, even as we speak" Eunhyuk added.

"So that evil Sunny is still trying to wreck Super Junior even more. But how about when we find the proof. Then we take the proof to Johnny. I'm one hundred percent sure, that Johnny will help us" Jin said.

"Yes, that absolutely perfect. Johnny hates the SM company and would love to make them suffer. And of course he'll do anything to help us" Yamapi added.

"So if we find the proof. Then you think Johnny will help us?" Eeteuk asked.

"Yes, I'm one hundred percent sure. That Johnny will have no problem with helping us" Hankyung answered.

Meanwhile in Ryeowook's bedroom, Ryeowook and Henry were both so quiet.

"Well how are you, Ryeowook?" Henry asked.

"I have been better, but I'm more worry about you" Ryeowook answered.

"Well I love being apart of the JE family. Mama and Papa are so good to me. However I still miss the Super Junior family a tiny bit" Henry replied.

"Would you come back to the Super Junior family?" Ryeowook asked.

"No Ryeowook, I would never leave my new family. Also Hannie and Zhou Mi are with JE too. So I would never ever leave them" Henry answered.

"Umm one more thing Henry. Well umm is there something going on between Tegoshi and you?" Ryeowook asked.

"Why would it matter, if there is something between Tesshi and me?" Henry asked.

"Yes Henry it really does matter. It matter so much to me, since I love you" Ryeowook answered.

"What did you just say, Ryeowook?" Henry asked.

"Henry I love you so much. And I'm so sorry about everything. So please pretty please tell me that there's nothing between Tegoshi and you?" Ryeowook begged.

"No, if you really love me. Then you would done something to stop the whole fucking mess. You would stop me, from leaving Korea. So how can I believe you?' Henry asked.

"Henry, I'm so sorry about the whole fucking mess. I'll spend the rest of my life regretting letting you go. But please Henry give me, a chance to make it up to you. Please Henry, I just want one chance" Ryeowook asked.

"Just one chance, even knowing I should just run away from you. I'll give you this one last chance. But if you break my heart again, then Papa will kill you" Henry answered.


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