8lucky8 (8lucky8) wrote,

first of all, I'm so sorry. That I haven't updated anything in while. But I've been so busy lately. But at least life is treating me really well these days. Since I been changing a few things in my life. For starter, I told my friends. If they have a problem with some tastes in music/drama or anything else. Well it's just too bad for them. Also I quit my job which I hate more than anything. So now I need to find a job, that i kinda of like. Then with school, since I couldn't get any of the classes I wanted. i'm going to take this year off and travel a bit. I have three trips already plan. but i'm just so happy with everything at the moment. Everything just seem to make sense to me. And I'm going to try to updated right away. But I'm off to write some updates
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