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Title: un-titled
Author: Ally
Rating: pg 13
Summary: Hankyung at home re-thinking his relationship with Siwon and Heechul.
Pairings: Siwon/Hankyung/Heechul
Disclaimer: do not own them.
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

It was almost three in the morning. And once again, Hankyung was waiting for Siwon and

Heechul to come home. It was the fourth time this week. That it was Hankyung sitting on the

couch by himself. And once again Hankyung was thinking, he is such a fool. And what the hell

was he thinking, when he agree to a relationship with Heechul and Siwon. Since before asking

Hankyung to entered the relationship. Heechul and Siwon were dating for over a year. Then out

of fucking nowhere. Siwon and Heechul asked Hankyung to joined their relationship. And since

Hankyung have feeling for both boys. He decided it was the right thing to do. And the first

month was absolutely wonderful. However after the first month, things started to go downhill.

Well actually things only went downhill for Hankyung. Since both Heechul and Siwon were still

completely happy and in love.

After the first month, Heechul and Siwon started to do things without Hankyung. And even on

Hankyung's birthday, both boys forgot about the special day. It was the worst birthday ever

for Hankyung. Especially since a month later on Siwon's birthday. Heechul went all out for

Siwon's birthday. On the special day, Hankyung was just a slave for Heechul and Siwon. But

since Hankyung loves both boys so much. He just didn't say a word about it at all. But now

four months later, things were just a million times worst for Hankyung.

Since now he was waiting for his lovers to come home. And this time, Hankyung decided he was

going to wait for them. Hankyung didn't even care, if they didn't come home. Until four in

the morning or later. However by the time, it was two in the morning. Hankyung could barely

keep his eyes open. It was only a few minutes, until Hankyung was fast asleep. So for the

next few hours, Hankyung was sleeping on the couch. Hankyung was sleeping peaceful, well

until a drunk Heechul and Siwon come home. But Siwon and Heechul were having a hard time

standing. And of course when both boys fell down. They caused such a loud noise it woke up

Hankyung. When Hankyung saw his lovers so fucking drunk. He went to help them, so they

wouldn't fall asleep on the floor.

"Well you two have too much to drink. But now it's time for bed" Hankyung said, as he went to help Siwon up.

"No, get the fucking hell away from me" Siwon screamed.

"Oh it's Hannie, how are you. Well actually I don't care" Heechul added.

"Trust me, you'll feel better in the morning. If you will let me help you two get to bed" Hankyung replied.

"No Hankyung, we want nothing to fucking do with you. I hate you" Siwon yelled, as he punched Hankyung in the stomach.

"Well Hannie, we need to tell you something" Heechul said.

"And what is it?" Hankyung asked, as he try to move the boys closer to their bedroom.

"It's over between us, we rather date a rat than you" Heechul answered.

"Yeah, both Heechul and I regretted asking you to join us. You're only wrecking our wonderful amazing relationship. We hate everything about you, we can barely stand to be in the same room as you" Siwon yelled.

"No you two are just really drunk. So you have no idea what you're saying" Hankyung replied.

"No Hannie, drunk people are always really honest. So to be completely honest, we can't stand you anymore. But of course we want to be friend still" Heechul answered.

"We hate you more than anything in the world. So it's over between us, Hankyung" Siwon said, as he punched Hankyung's again.

"No Siwon, we don't hate Hannie. We just don't want to date him anymore. Since we never love him" Heechul said, as he try to stop Siwon from punching Hankyung.

"Fine, since I'm no longer wanted in this relationship. Then that perfectly fine, I figure something was up. But we need to get you two to bed now" Hankyung replied.

"Hankyung we hate you so fucking much" Siwon said, as he punched Hankyung in the face this time.

"Siwon, stop being such a jackass. But Hannie help me, get to bed" Heechul said.

"Whatever I just don't care at all. But let's just you two to bed" Hankyung replied.

But before either Siwon or Heechul could say anything else. Both boys passed out, and fell to

the floor.Hankyung quickly went to make sure, that both boys were okay. And once Hankyung

figure out, that they were okay. Hankyung carried Heechul to his bedroom, then came back for

Siwon. Hankyung hate that things ended like this. Since he did truly love both Heechul and

Siwon. But he wasn't going to force them to stay with him. It was a hard to hear, that Siwon

hate him so much. Hankyung decided to just leave them alone for the next few weeks. So

hopeful, he could get over them.

So the next morning, when Heechul and Siwon woke up. Both boys were feeling the after effects

of last night. Both boys couldn't believe how drunk, they were last night. Also both boys

were feeling guilt that they didn't invited Hankyung with them. And also the fact, that they

couldn't remembered a thing about last night. But both boys really wanted to see Hankyung.

Since lately they have been a tad bit mean to Hankyung. So they really want to make it up to


So both Siwon and Heechul went to the kitchen to see Hankyung. However when the boys entered

the kitchen, there was no Hankyung. But there was Kibum cooking something. so they decided to

asked Kibum, if he seen Hankyung at all.

"Hey Kibum, where's Hannie?" Heechul demanded.

"What Heechul means to say is. Actually Kibum have you see Hannie today?" Siwon asked.

"Well assholes, I'm not telling you" Kibum replied,

"What the fucking hell, do mean" Heechul screamed.

"Just stay the hell away from Hannie. I can't believe, what you say last night. Could you be any crueler to Hannie" Kibum said.

"Umm we didn't see Hannie last night. So what are you talking about?" Siwon asked.

"Oh last night when you dump Hannie. Also when Siwon beat the crap of Hannie" Kibum answered.

"What the fucking hell are talking about. One, we would never break up with Hannie. And second, Siwon would never hurt Hannie" Heechul yelled.

"Oh so Hannie's face is black and blue. Oh because Hannie felt like wearing weird make-up. And of course last night when I watched the whole thing. Well I must been dreaming or something" Kibum said.

"Where the hell is Hannie. And tell me now or I'll kill you" Heechul yelled.

"Rella please just calm down and stop yelling at Kibum. But Kibum, please tell me, that you're joking?" Siwon asked.

"No I'm not joking at all. I think last night you two broke Hannie's heart. So Hannie decided to stay at the other apartment with Donghae and Eunhyuk. Also I should warn you two, that there are others who like Hannie" Kibum answered.

"No fucking way, this can't be happening. Hannie is with us" Heechul yelled.

"No we'll just go talk with Hannie. Then we can make things right again" Siwon added.

"No, you two are just going to stay away from Hannie for a while. And since we have the next ten days off. Just leave Hannie alone, you really hurt him" Kibum said.

"But we need to fix things with Hannie" Siwon said.

"Yes we're so drunk, that we can't remembered a thing" Heechul added.

"Well even if you were drunk last night. There have to be some truth behind your cruel words. And like I already say, you two really hurt Hannie. So just stay the hell away from him. But I'll leave you two to think about how you hurt such a sweet person" Kibum said, before leaving the kitchen.

"But we didn't mean to" Siwon said.

"I can't believe it" Heechul said.

The End

Title: Late
Author: Ally
Rating: pg 13
Summary: Zhou Mi and Henry are waiting for their boyfriends to come home.
Pairings: Hankyung/Henry, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Yesung/Ryeowook
Disclaimer: do not own them.
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

"Hannie is going to be here any second" Henry said.

"And Kyuhyun is going to be so soon. I get to see him, I miss him" Zhou Mi added.

"I want Hannie now, is it three yet?" Henry asked.

"It's actually ten minutes past three. Where is Kyuhyun, or maybe he doesn't love me anymore. So Kyuhyun isn't coming" Zhou Mi said.

"You're right, Hannie isn't coming. He should be here by now. And I was so sure, that Hannie loves me" Henry cried.

"Bloody hell, just shut up" Donghae yelled, as he entered the room.

"But Hannie doesn't love me anymore. So I hate my life at the moment. I can't believe, that Hannie would do this to me" Henry whined.

"Yes Donghae, both Henry and I are in pain. And you're being a fucking asshole to us" Zhou Mi yelled.

"Oh idiots, just because they're twenty minutes late. It doesn't mean that, they don't love you. Something probably just come up" Donghae said.

"No actually I'm sure, that Kyuhyun and Hannie aren't coming. Since Hannie and Kyuhyun are probably off flirting with some girls" Ryeowook said, as he
entered the room.,

"See, even Ryeowook agrees with us. My Hannie doesn't love me anymore. Life is just so unfair" Henry cried.

"Well fuck you Ryeowook, thank for all the support. I hate you and Kyuhyun at the moment" Zhou Mi screamed.

"Henry and Zhou Mi, for the love of everything just shut up. And Ryeowook that was really cruel and evil. I can't believe everyone thinks you're so sweet and
innocence" Donghae said.

"Well I don't give a flying fuck" Ryeowook replied.

"Yay I get to spend time with two cry-babies and a jack-ass" Donghae whined.

"Well fuck off to you too" Ryeowook yelled.

"I still can't believe, that Hannie doesn't love me. I thought that Hannie would love me forever. Especially since the first time I saw Hannie. I knew that I was madly in love with him. Hannie is so important to me and I love him. So why is Hannie not here?" Henry said.

"Well I change my mind, I'm going to kill Kyuhyun. I can't believe, that asshole isn't here" Zhou Mi screamed.

"Awww and I love you Zhou Mi" Kyuhyun replied, as he walked into the living room.

"Ooh Kyuhyun, where have you been?. You're almost a whole hour late" Zhou Mi whined, as he races to Kyuhyun.

"Mimi, I told you I was busy until four. So what are you talking about?" Kyuhyun asked.

"But I was sure, you say three o-clock" Zhou Mi whined.

"Were you listening to me last night?" Kyuhyun asked.

"Well when you were kissing me. I kinda forget about everything else" Zhou Mi answered.

"Or Zhou Mi is just a dumbass" Ryeowook added.

"Oh Ryeowook just go have some phone sex with Yesung. And leave my boyfriend alone" Kyuhyun said.

"Oh Kyuhyun just forget about Ryeowook. He's just jealous, that we're having fucking amazing sex all the time. So let go have some amazing sex, and Ryeowook fuck off" Zhou Mi said, as he dragged Kyuhyun off to their bedroom.

"Well I hope that, the sex is really fucking bad" Ryeowook screamed.

"Oh Ryeowook really, this is getting so fucking stupid. I also miss Eunhyuk too but I'm not being a asshole. So I know that. Yesung isn't here with you. But like Kyuhyun say, just go have some phone sex with Yesung" Donghae yelled.

"Oh fuck off Donghae, I just want Yesung" Ryeowook whined.

"Umm people we still have one huge problem. It's now ten after four and there's still no Hannie" Henry said.

"Hannie is probably fucking some girl. Or maybe he's fucking Jessica" Ryeowook replied.

"Wow that was unbelievable cruel, Ryeowook. And Henry, there's some really good reason for Hannie being late. So just stop thinking about the whole thing" Donghae said.

"No Henry, Hannie is probably busy having fun with Jessica" Ryeowook argued.

"No Hannie is" Henry said.

"I'm doing, what?" Hankyung asked, as he entered the room.

"Umm Hannie, why are you so late?" Henry asked.

"Well I'm sorry that I'm late. But the photo shoot with Jessica ran late" Hankyung answered.

"See I told you" Ryeowook replied.

"How could you Hannie" Henry screamed, before racing out of the living room.

"Okay, what the hell just happened there?" Hankyung asked.

"Well Ryeowook is being a fucking asshole. Since he's not getting any action at the moment. Or maybe his right hand is getting really sore. Since there's no Yesung to fuck him. But when you didn't come home on time. Henry started to freak out, And cry that you didn't love him anymore. So jackass Ryeowook say, that you were probably fucking Jessica. So probably when Henry heard you say her name, he just freak out. However you should really go talk with him, While I kill Ryeowook first, then called Yesung. So Yesung and Ryeowook can have some nice phone sex" Donghae answered.

"Ryeowook, stop being such a fucking asshole. And also I was late since I had a meeting with Manager Jin. We're going home to Korea in two days. But I'm off to fix things with Henry" Hankyung replied.

So Hankyung went to Henry's bedroom. So that he could hopeful fix things with Henry.

Especially since Hankyung hated it, when things with Henry were not good. So Hankyung quickly

races to Henry's bedroom. Then he knock on the door, and entered the dark room. There on the

bed was Henry softly crying. And sight of Henry crying, it just was breaking Hankyung's

heart. So Hankyung rushes to Henry's side.

"Oh Henry, I would never cheat on you. I love you so much" Hankyung said, as he pulled Henry closer for a hug.

"But Ryeowook say.." Henry replied.

"Ryeowook is just being a fucking asshole. But everything will be fine in two days. Since in two days, we're going to Korea for a few weeks" Hankyung answered.

"But then I'll be without you" Henry whined.

"Well my sweet Henry, another reason why I was late. Is because I was talking with Manager Jin. So that Zhou Mi and you could come back with us. And Manager Jin say, that would okay. SO I'm not leaving you behind, I hate not having you with me" Hankyung answered.

"So there's nothing going between Jessica and you?" Henry asked.

"There's absolutely nothing going on with us. Henry, I love you and no one else. No one stands a chance again you" Hankyung answered.

"Umm Hannie can we cuddled for a while?" Henry asked.

"Whatever my baby wants, then my baby will get" Hankyung answered.

The End.

The End
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