8lucky8 (8lucky8) wrote,

Author: Ally
Rating: pg13
Pairing: Yesung/Zhou Mi, Hankyung/Heechul
Summary: Zhou Mi and Yesung are having problems
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

"Zhou Mi, where the hell is my coffee?" Yesung screamed, as he races around the kitchen.

"Umm Yesung, I'm in the middle of talking with Hannie. So you can just find your coffee by yourself" Zhou Mi replied.

"well too bad Hannie, I really need my coffee. And Zhou Mi is always good at finding the coffee. And also Zhou Mi makes the perfect cup of coffee. So Hannie your problems will just have to wait. So Zhou Mi lets find the coffee" Yesung said, as he continued to look for the coffee.

"Well actually too bad for you, Yesung. I'm trying to help Hannie with his problems. Also another thing Yesung, I'm really sick of you. You're always putting coffee ahead of me. So I want you, not to have any coffee for the next twenty-four hours" Zhou Mi said.

"You want me, to give up coffee for twenty-four hours. Zhou Mi are you fucking crazy" Yesung screamed.

"Yes if you don't give up coffee for twenty-four hours. Then it'll be no sex for two weeks" Zhou Mi replied.

"Umm I should go talk with Heechul. But thank Zhou Mi for the help" Hankyung said, as he races out of the room.

"No it's okay Hannie, you don't need to leave" Zhou Mi said.

"No, it's a good thing. We need to talk about your issues with coffee" Yesung replied.

"The only real problem, we have here. Is that really there's three people in this relationship" Zhou Mi answered.

"What the fuck, do you mean by that?" Yesung asked.

"The fact that really I'm dating coffee and you. All the fucking time, you're talking about coffee. Really Yesung, I'm one hundred percent sure. Of wonderful little fact, that you love coffee more than me" Zhou Mi answered.

"That is a lie, I so love you more than coffee. There's nothing in this world more important than you" Yesung replied.

"So that why on my last birthday. Instead even spending the day with me. You spend the whole day at some coffee cafe. And also instead of buying me a birthday present. You decided to spend your whole paycheck on coffee and coffee related stuff" Zhou Mi said.

"But it was a new coffee cafe. Also it was a really cool place. Actually now I want to go there" Yesung whined.

"See at the moment, I'm talking about us. But you keep on talking about fucking coffee" Zhou Mi yelled.

"But I do love you more than coffee. However I do also really love coffee too" Yesung said.

"For crying out loud Yesung. You can't even give up coffee for twenty-four hours. So that just show how much you really love me. Or maybe really Yesung, you should give up coffee for the rest of your life. Then I would actually know you love me" Zhou Mi screamed.

"I would never give coffee up in a million years. Coffee is the love of my life" Yesung yelled.

"Fuck you, then it's over between us. I fucking hate you jackass" Zhou Mi screamed, then he races out of the room.

"Wait a fucking minute, what the hell happened. And also where's the coffee" Yesung yelled.

So after the fight between Yesung and Zhou Mi. Yesung of course went to the kitchen. So he could have a cup of his wonderful coffee. Meanwhile on the other hand with Zhou Mi. Zhou Mi, he stormed off to find Hankyung. So that he could whine and complain about Yesung and coffee. However Zhou Mi was having a bit of trouble finding Hankyung. He first went to Hankyung's bedroom, but there was no Hankyung. So then he went to Hankyung favorite place in the apartment, the kitchen. However once again there was no Hankyung.But then Zhou Mi remembered, that Hankyung say he was going to see Heechul. So he races to Heechul's bedroom. Where on the bed, Heechul and Hankyung were making out.

"Hannie, I have a huge problem. Yesung loves coffee more than me" Zhou Mi yelled.

"Umm Zhou Mi were in the middle of something" Heechul screamed.

"Yesung is always putting coffee ahead of me. I'm fucking sick of him. Yesung have to be the world worst boyfriend. I really hate him" Zhou Mi yelled, as he paces around the room.

"ZHOU MI, we're in the middle of something. Hannie and I are finally together now. And you're wrecking our fun time. So here a small piece of information. You're going to march into Yesung's bedroom. Then you going to push Yesung on the bed. And have your wicked way with him. So leave this very fucking second now. So I can go back to having my wicked way with Hannie" Heechul said.

"Umm Zhou Mi, I do agree with Heechul. Just go make-out with Yesung, a easy answer to your problem" Hankyung added.

"Yes, you two are totally right. There's no way in hell, I'm going to let coffee steal my boyfriend" Zhou Mi yelled, before storming out of the bedroom.

So meanwhile in Yesung's bedroom. Yesung is just laying on his bed, drinking coffee. Since he have a nice warm cup of coffee. Yesung was in his happy place at the moment. However Yesung's happy place was wrecked. The second that Zhou Mi come storming into the room.

"So I see you're with your precious coffee once again. However I'm here to tell coffee to fuck off. Yesung, you're dating me not coffee. So just put the coffee cup down, and let's have some fun" Zhou Mi demand.

"Hey don't say such mean things about coffee" Yesung replied.

"Yesung, you're fucking drive me crazy. I had enough of your fucking love for coffee. Well Yesung if you love coffee so much. Then and I'm not joking about this at all. Then we are over because I'm sick of coffee. Sometimes I think you need some serious help" Zhou Mi said.

After those words, Yesung seriously throught. That Zhou Mi is actually serious about the whole situation. And even knowing that Yesung did love coffee a little too much. There's no way in hell, that Yesung wants to lose Zhou Mi because of it. So Yesung decided, he is going to fight for their relationship.

"No Zhou Mi, please don't say that. I know that sometimes, I'm a jackass. However I really do love you" Yesung answered.

"Well Yesung I know you love me. And of course I love you too. But there's always the problems with coffee" Zhou Mi replied.

"Umm Zhou Mi, I'll try really hard to give up coffee" Yesung said.

"Yesung I don't mean this cruel way. But there's a better chance of the sky turning hot pink. Then you actually giving up coffee" Zhou MI said.

"No Zhou Mi, I'll give up coffee for you. I would do absolutely anything for you. So this means absolutely no coffee for me" Yesung replied.

"Yesung don't promised me, the impossible" Zhou Mi said.

"Nothing is impossible, so I can prove my love to you" Yesung answered.

"Yesung, you don't needing to give up coffee. Please just put me before coffee" Zhou Mi said.

"Umm so does that mean, you're not angry with me?" Yesung asked.

"You're way too cute to be mad at" Zhou Mi said.

"Yay I love my my life so fucking much. And I have the world best boyfriend" Yesung yelled.

"Well everything is amazing with us. However you're still sleeping on the couch tonight" Zhou Mi replied, before leaving the room.

"But Zhou Mi" Yesung whined.

The End

Tags: super junior
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