8lucky8 (8lucky8) wrote,

Title: real or fake
Author: Ally
Rating: pg13
Pairing: YunJae,YooSu,
Summary- everyone loves to see YunJae but Yunho isn't sure that YunJae is real
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

The most famous couple in the world at moment is YunJae. However technically YunJae is really

just a fake couple. Well actually half of the time. Yunho is never really sure of what's

going on. All Yunho really knows is, that he needs to act like a couple with Jaejoong. And of

course the little fact, that he madly deeply in love with Jaejoong. However Yunho is one

hundred percent sure, that he has no fucking clue. What the fucking hell is going on with one

Kim Jaejoong. Of course when they are in public, they act like the perfect couple. And even

sometimes in private, Jaejoong would act like lover to him. But then of course there are the

time, when Jaejoong is fucking asshole to him.

So at the moment, Yunho is so fucking confused with everything. And of course, all Yunho

really wants to know. Is how Jaejoong really feels about him. Is there a chance for YunJae to

be real. Not just something to keep the fans happy. There were so many times, that Yunho

would go try to talk with Jaejoong. However everytime when Yunho would bring up the word

relationship. Jaejoong would usually make up some excuses and run away. But thing were

starting to really bug Yunho. He is so close to lock Jaejoong and himself in a bedroom. So

that Yunho could finally get everything off his chest.

However would Yunho be able to find the courage. so that he could lock Jaejoong and himself

in a bedroom. So he could find out, if YunJae is real or fake. And of course, Yunho really

want YunJae to be real. However Yunho needs Jaejoong to return his feeling back. Or it's just

a one-sided love. That would be the cause of a lot pain for Yunho. However after thinking

about his problems for a few hours. Yunho finally decided, that enough was enough. That he's

not going to a fucking coward. But he's going to have his talk with Jaejoong. Even if get

Jaejoong into a room killed him. He's going to do it

So during the next few days. Yunho make sure, that everything would go perfectly for his

little plan. He even make sure, that Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin wouldn't be home. Yoochun

and Junsu were going on date to a football match. While Changmin decided to go visit the

members of Super Junior. Well actually Changmin really just wants to go flirt with Hankyung.

So at least the apartment would empty for Jaejoong and him. But since Yunho is going to lock

Jaejoong and him into his bedroom. So Yunho really couldn't wait until tomorrow. So he would

finally find out, if YunJae is real or fake.

So the next day, after Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin left the apartment. Yunho went to find out

where Jaejoong is. And lady luck really decided, that today is Yunho's day. Since at the

moment Jaejoong is fast asleep in his bed still. So Yunho quickly locked the door, and put

the key in his pocket. Then he went to wake Jaejoong up. So that they could have one very

long talk. And Yunho would finally just tell Jaejoong, that he's in love with him. Yunho

decided that the best way to wake Jaejoong up. It would be just to kiss Jaejoong. So quietly

Yunho give Jaejoong a kiss with all the love he could. Slowly Jaejoong started to wake up.

"What the fucking hell is going on?" Jaejoong screamed.

"We need to have a talk Jaejoong" Yunho replied.

"Umm did you just kiss me?" Jaejoong asked.

"Yes I did just kiss you. I'm fucking sick and tired of everything going on" Yunho answered.

"Yunho, what the fucking hell are you talking about?" Jaejoong question.

"Jaejoong, we acted like a couple in the public eye. And then sometime when in private, you treat me like a lover. So I need to fucking know, is YunJae real or fake?" Yunho replied.

"Umm is YunJae real or fake. Well Yunho is it, real or fake to you?" Jaejoong asked.

"Hell no, Kim Jaejoong I want YunJae to be real. Damn it, Jaejoong I love you. However I need to know how you feel about me" Yunho answered.

"You want YunJae to actually be real. I can't believe, that you say that" Jaejoong said.

"But Jaejoong do you want YunJae to be real or what?" Yunho asked.

"I don't want YunJae to be real. Since with the damn YunJae I'm the fucking weak one. However I would love to have a equal relationship with you. I would love to date you, Yunho" Jaejoong answered.

"Jaejoong if I want to date a girlish person. Then I would just date a girl. But I want a man, so I want to date you" Yunho said.

"But the public wants me to be the fucking girl in the relationship. And I'm fucking sick of the whole situation. Sometimes I just want to punch something or someone. Since it seem like I'm always be the girlish man" Jaejoong replied.

"Like I say before Jaejoong, I want to date you. And also I don't want to date a girly man. I just want to date you, and everyone can go fuck themselves. I just want to date you, and try to make you happy. But never would I want you to changes" Yunho said.

"But what about the fucking managers and public?" Jaejoong asked.

"Like I say before Jaejoong, they can go fuck themselves. As long as I get to date you, then I'm happy. But honestly Jaejoong just forget about everyone else. Just only think of us and us alone" Yunho answered.

"You're right about this whole fucking mess. The only people who really matter are us. So Jung Yunho, do you want to go out with me?" Jaejoong asked.

"Wow I thought that you would never asked me. And since you asked me out, I want flowers. I think some roses would absolutely perfect. I want at least two dozen roses" Yunho answered.

"So I'll pick you up in three hours. And don't worry about the flowers. I'll pick you up at least four dozen roses and chocolates too" Jaejoong said.

"I think things will be better in the future for us" Yunho replied.

"I agree with you, Yunho" Jaejoong added.

The End

Tags: dbsk
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