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Title: two week notices
Author: Ally
Rating: pg13
Pairing: YunJae,YooSu, Hankyung/Changmin
Summary- Jaejoong is sick and tired of Yunho acting like he's single. So he tells Yunho, that he has two weeks to improve things. Or it's over for the couple.
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

Day 11

Dear Journal

This really fucking suck, I hate my life at the moment. And I can't believe, that I'm

actually writing in a journal. This is something I figured I would never ever do at all. But

it's I write in this journal or I'll kill Jin. Since the thing that will make me the happiest

is killing Jin. Oh no Jaejoong be happy is the most important thing to me. I really want

Jaejoong to be happy with me. I need to proved to Jaejoong, that I'm amazing boyfriend. But

it's seem like life is really again me. Since I only have four days until the two week things

is over. And to make things even worst for me. Is that Jaejoong is gone for the whole day.

And Jaejoong will not be back until three in the morning. But there's even one more thing to

make my life even more hellish. Is that when Jaejoong was asked who be would like to come

with him. Jaejoong decided that it would be Jin coming with him. So instead of a day alone

with Jaejoong. So instead of me have a chance to make things right with him. Jin is going to

spend the whole day flirting with my boyfriend. So I fucking hate everything at the damn

moment. But of course there is also one more problem for me. The simple fact, that I have no

clue how to fix things. Well actually I could buy Jaejoong tons of presents. So Jaejoong can

see how much I really love him. What the fucking hell am I thinking. Jaejoong would think

that I'm just trying to buy his love. Which would be the wrong thing to do. Oh I could cook

Jaejoong a nice romantic candlelight dinner for us. Oh wait a fucking minute, that would be

the biggest mistake ever. Since I'm forgetting about my try at nice breakfast in bed. Also my

cooking is more likely to kill Jaejoong and not impressed him. But really what the hell can

I do. I know that I want to be with Jaejoong forever. However after being a crappy boyfriend

for so long. I guess I just forgot how to be a good boyfriend. But I know I need some help.

So I can show Jaejoong, that it's not mistake to be with me. And that I'll treat him a

million times better than son of bitch Jin. Fuck I really hate that bastard more than

anything in the world. Especially since if I really fuck things up with Jaejoong. There's a

really good chance, Jaejoong will fall madly deeply in love with Jin. And of course if that

happens, then Jaejoong will move to Japan with Jin. So I'll never get to see Jaejoong again.

But I'm so lost at what to do at the fucking moment. Maybe I should ask other people, what

they think I should do. Well I would ask Changmin to help me. However he would probably love

to kill me instead of helping me. Since I was such a fucking jackass to his Mommy. And of

course both Yoochun and Junsu are also huge no to help me. Since Yoochun is best friend with

Jaejoong. Junsu would never to anything to make Yoochun upset. Also I can't asked Hannie for

anymore help with my problems. Since Hannie has been helping me so much with this fucking

mess. So the only person, that I can talk to is Kame. However I did try to flirt with him. So

I have no clue, how he would reacted. If I go to him and ask for help. Well actually I have

no choice in the matter at all. Since hell is going to freeze over. Before I lost my Joongie

to that bastard Jin. So I'm off to have talk with Kame. And I really hope that Kame will

have some good ideas for me. Well worst comes to worst with the Jaejoong situation. Then I'll

just get on knees and beg Jaejoong not to leave me. Because I swear to myself right now. That

I, Jung Yunho will not lose my beloved Jaejoong to Jin. But now I really need to ask Kame for

major help with my problems


So Yunho went to look for Kame. So that hopeful, Kame would have some answers for him. However luckily for Yunho, it was really easy for Yunho to find Kame. Since Kame was in the living room, reading a book. However Yunho figured it would be for the best to asked for forgiveness first. So then maybe Kame would be okay with helping him. So Yunho walked up to Kame and tap him on the shoulder.

"Can I help you with something, Yunho?" Kame asked.

"Well first of all, I'm really sorry for flirting with you. Especially after you told me, that you have a boyfriend. And I actually was a jackass to

continued flirting with you. So I'm very sorry about it, Kame. And I hope in time, that you'll forgive me" Yunho said.

"Well Yunho, my boyfriend was really angry. When I told him, about you hitting on me. I think, that he wanted to give you a black eye" Kame replied.

"Oh you probably have some huge boyfriend. Who now probably wants to kill me. But I'm still really sorry about the situation" Yunho said.

"Well it's okay Yunho, I conceived my boyfriend to calm down. And I accepted your apology but is there anything else I can help you with?" Kame asked.

"I really hope that you can help me. Yes I have finally admitted, that yes I'm world worst boyfriend. But I really do love Jaejoong more than anything. But I don't know how to make it up to him. I'm so lost at what to do. So Kame, do you have any ideas at all" Yunho said.

"Yunho, sometimes the answers are right in front of us. Or the answers to our problems are really simple" Kame said.

"But Kame, how do I prove to Jaejoong. That yes, I'm a good boyfriend for him. And that I really do love him" Yunho said.

"Yunho, I think that you should sit down with Jaejoong. And just have a long talk with him about everything. Of course Yunho, you need to apology to Jaejoong for everything. Just tell Jaejoong, how you are feeling about him. That you realized you been a jackass" Kame said.

"So I should just talk with him?" Yunho asked.

"Well it would be a good starting point" Kame answered.

"Thank Kame for the help with my problems. But I need to think about everything some more. So I'll see you later" Yunho said.


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