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Title: One small thing
Author: Ally
Rating: pg 13
Summary: Hankyung cheated on Heechul, but what will the couple do?
Pairings: Hankyung/Heechul
Disclaimer: do not own them.
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

"You're a fucking asshole, I hate you so fucking much" Heechul screamed.

"I'm so sorry Heechul, but it was just one kiss" Hankyung replied.

"You're fucking lying yo me, you fucking bastard. I hate you more than anything in the fucking world" Heechul yelled.

"Heechul, it was just one fucking kiss. And I was drunk out my fucking mind. But I'm so sorry that I made such a stupid mistake" Hankyung said.

"I can't believe what a fucking jackass you been" Heechul said.

"Please Heechul just give me a chance. I'll prove to you, that I made a small mistake. It was just one small stupid thing" Hankyung said.

"Yes, it may just be one small thing. But Hankyung, you kiss someone other than me" Heechul replied.

"Please Heechul, don't take this the wrong way. But during the concerts, when you went on a kissing spree. I never got angry with you over that. And you did kiss more than one person who wasn't me. But now that I made one stupid mistake. It seem like you're never going to forgive me. And I'm so sorry that hurt

you because of one stupid drunk moment." Hankyung said.

"Well that the main fucking problem, I'll never be able to forgive you" Heechul screamed.

"So it's over between us, because of one stupid moment?" Hankyung asked.

" I want to say that I can forgive you. But Hannie I'm not sure if I can. But I really want to" Heechul replied.

"Heechul I only made the mistake since I was drunk. So I'll even promised to never drink again. I'll never drink one drop of alcohol again. And I'll do anything in my power to make it up to you. Heechul, I promised to make things even better than before. I'll never complained about anything at all. Anything you want, I'll do my best to give it to you. But I'm begging you to give me a second chance" Hankyung asked.

"Please promise me, that you'll never touch a drop of alcohol ever again. And I'll try best to forgive you" Heechul answered.

"That all I'm asking of you, Heechul. I will work really hard at making this better than before. I'll be the best boyfriend in the world for you. And of course I'll never drink again" Hankyung replied.

"Umm Hankyung, there is one more thing" Heechul added.

"Well what is Heechul, well actually I'll do anything for you" Hankyung answered.

"Umm beside work, I don't want you spending time with Kibum anymore. So just stay the hell away from Kibum" Heechul replied.

"But Heechul, Kibum is one of my best friend. Also he was so drunk last night too" Hankyung said.

"But Hannie, you say you would do anything for me" Heechul whined.

"Well can I at least tell Kibum, why I can't spend time with him?" Hankyung asked.

"Fine but you only have ten minutes to tell him everything. Then the only times, that you're allowed to talk to him is about work. But even then someone else needing to be in the room." Heechul answered.

"Well whatever will make you happy Heechul. I'll asked Donghae to go with me, when I talk with Kibum tonight. But only if that okay with you?" Hankyung asked.

"Well Donghae is dating Eunhyuk and both are madly deeply in love. So yes going with Donghae is okay. But you'll go at eight o-clock to see Kibum. Then you better be in my room at 8:10 or it's over between us" Heechul replied.

"Whatever it take to make you happy. Then I have no problem do it, Heechul" Hankyung answered.

"Then things will hopeful be fine within time" Heechul said.

So a few hour later, Hankyung and Donghae were standing out Kibum's bedroom. Both boys were feeling rather upset about what's going to happened. However Hankyung decided he's going to do everything to make Heechul happy. Even it means losing one of his best friends because of it. So Donghae quickly knock on the door, since Hankyung only have ten minutes. They waited for Kibum let them in. Kibum just yelled for them to entered his room. So both boys entered the bedroom.

"Oh Hannie, I'm so sorry about last night. I'll even go talk with Heechul" Kibum said.

"Umm don't worry about it. Heechul decided to give me a second chance" Hankyung answered.

"Oh I'm so happy for you. And I'm so very sorry about last night. I'll probably never touched a another drop of alcohol again" Kibum replied.

"Well there more to the situation Kibum" Hankyung said.

"This is so stupid" Donghae whispered.

"Well what is it?" Kibum asked.

"I can't be friend with you anymore, I can't talk with you anymore either. The only times I can talk or be with you is for work. And even for work things, someone always needs to be with us" Hankyung answered.

"But Hannie, you're my best friend" Kibum said.

"I know and I'm so sorry Kibum. But I don't want to lost Heechul because of one small thing" Hankyung replied.

"Umm I'm so sorry about this, but Hannie, you have one minutes and thirty second to be in Heechul's bedroom" Donghae said.

"I'm so sorry Kibum but I need to leave now" Hankyung said, before quickly racing out of the room.

"Donghae, did I just lose my best friend?" Kibum said.

"Yes, you did and I hate Heechul for it" Donghae answered.

Four months later, things were kind of getting better for Hankyung and Heechul. Well Hankyung was doing everything to make Heechul happy. No matter what Heechul would asked of him. Hankyung would do it for Heechul. But other members were seeing huge changes in the Super Junior's apartment. But one day when Hankyung and Heechul were spending time together. Things were going to changes for the couple.

"Umm Hankyung were going shopping tomorrow. And of course, you'll be paying for my shopping trip" Heechul said.

"But Heechul, tomorrow is my first day off in three weeks. So I would really like to sleep in" Hankyung said.

"Wow what a crappy cheating boyfriend, you are" Heechul replied.

"Please Heechul, I'm so sorry about the kiss with Kibum. And I'll pay for your shopping trip. But please let me sleep tomorrow. In the past four days, I'm lucky if I get two hours a night" Hankyung begged.

"Well maybe we should end this relationship. Since I guess I'm not important to you. Also I know that only Kibum and you have the day off. So after I go shopping with your money. Then you'll probably go fuck Kibum" Heechul yelled.

"Heechul, I have not talk with Kibum for the past four months. All I want is some sleep, I'm so tired" Hankyung replied.

"You're not tired at all, you fucking bastard. I know that you just want to cheat on me again. I would not be surprise, if been fucking all the other members" Heechul screamed.

"Heechul, I love you more than anything in this world. And I'm not cheating on you. I'm just really sleepy and starting to feel sick" Hankyung said.

"No if you really love me, then you would never kiss Kibum" Heechul screamed.

"FUCK, that fucking it, KIM HEECHUL. I love you more than anything in the world. But ever since I made one small mistake. You're always on case for everything. Nothing I do is good enough for you. You yelled at me at least five times a day. That I'm fucking assholes and cheater. You're always reminding of the kiss. I'm doing everything to make you happy. But somehow it's never good enough for you. I think that you'll never forgive me" Hankyung yelled.

"Well maybe if you fucking didn't cheat on me. Then we wouldn't be having this problem. But Hankyung you did cheat on me, so everything is your fault"
Heechul yelled.

"Yes Heechul, I did make the mistake of kissing Kibum. When both Kibum and I were drunk. And every day I apology to you a million times. But it's not good enough for you. So I'm sorry Heechul I can't deal with you anymore. So as much as I hate to say this. It's over between us, but I hope that you can find someone to make you happy. Since that person isn't me, even knowing I want it to be. You're never going to forgive me. But one day, I hope we can be friends again" Hankyung replied.

"You're breaking up with me?" Heechul asked.

"Yes, I want to make you happy but I can't" Hankyung answered.

"You cheated on me, then break up with me. Fuck you Hankyung, I hate you" Heechul screamed.

"If you could get over the kiss, then this wouldn't happened. I'm doing everything to make you happy but it's not good enough. I gave up my best friend for you. But you still can't forgive me at all. But I really want us to be friend again" Hankyung said.

"Umm maybe you're right Hankyung. I still think about you cheating on all the time. So I can't get over it each single day, I think about you kissing Kibum. That stupid kiss is always on my mind. I try to get over the kiss but I couldn't. But Hannie I wish things were different" Heechul replied.

" I really wish that you would Heechul. I just hate that this happened to us. But like I say before I hope we can be friends again" Hankyung said.

"I hope that too Hannie" Heechul replied.

The End
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