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Title: Best friends
Author: Ally
Rating: pg13
Summary: Yunho hates best friends. Since they cause some much trouble
Pairing: YunJae, Yoochun/Hankyung
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

Yunho P.O.V.

Fucking bloody hell, I hate my life so much. Also I really hate best friends too. Best

friends should never exist at all. Really why does a person, even need a best friend. Best

friend are such a totally pointless thing to have. Especially when the person has the world

perfect boyfriend. Okay so I’m talking about Jaejoong and me. I’m so sick and tired of

playing second fiddle to the best friend. It seems like every single fucking time, I want to

spend some quality time with Jaejoong. Jaejoong is always having something to do with

Yoochun. Even right now, I made plans with Jaejoong today. We were going to watch a movie

together and cuddled. So when I walked to Jaejoong’s bedroom to get him. But when I entered

the bedroom, there was Yoochun and Jaejoong laying together on the bed. Both Jaejoong and

Yoochun didn’t even notices that I entered the room. So I walked up to them, so Jaejoong and

I could enjoy some couple time. However when Jaejoong did notices me. He told me, that

Yoochun needing him more than I did. So our movie night was cancelled because Yoochun is more

important than me. It’s been months since Jaejoong and I had anytime alone at all. Jaejoong

is always putting Yoochun ahead of me. And it’s fucking driving me up the wall. I even try

to talk with Jaejoong about my feeling. However Jaejoong just laugh at me. And then he tells

me, that I’m cute when I’m jealous. I even try talking with Junsu and Changmin about my

problems. However both Changmin and Junsu told me. That I was just being silly. And Jaejoong

and Yoochun are just best friends. And that I need to remembered, that Yoochun is dating

Hankyung. So really there’s no reason for me, to be jealous. But I’m not jealous at all; I

just want to spend time with Jaejoong. Well I guess since Jaejoong is busy with Yoochun once

again. And also I haven’t see Hankyung in a long time. I guess I could called him up. To see

if he wants to watched a movie or something.

End of Yunho P.O.V

A few hours later, both Hankyung and Yunho were in the living room. Both boys were fairly

pissed off with their lovers. Both boys were sick and tired of being second best to someone


“Wow, we have the best boyfriends in the world” Yunho said.

“I know we really do have the best boyfriends ever. Who are we trying to kid Yunho? Anytime I try to make plans with Yoochun. Chunnie seems so happy, that we’re going to see one another. But then usually an hour before our plans. He called me, to tell me. That he needs to spend time with Jaejoong instead. Like tonight I was going to make supper for him. But Jaejoong needing him more than I do” Hankyung replied.

“That fucking terrible Hannie, especially since Yoochun and you don’t get to see one another much. At least with Jaejoong and me, we’re in the same band and living together. But Yoochun and you are lucky to see one another once a week” Yunho added.

“It’s been months since Chunnie and I have spend time together. And I really want to spend time with him tonight. Also anytime, I try to talk to him about it. Two things will happened, one he’ll tell me. That I need to stop being so jealous. Or that Jaejoong will need him, so he’ll just hang up on me” Hankyung said.

“This really fucking sucks a lot. I love Jaejoong more than anything in this world. I just wish things were different for us. To be honest Hannie, sometimes I just want to break up with Jaejoong. Every day, it seems like things just get worse between us” Yunho said.

“I know what you mean by that. Sometimes, I want to tell Yoochun. That he needs to pick between Jaejoong and me. But knowing Yoochun, he would probably think I’m joking. I don’t know why but I really want to do that” Hankyung said.

“No Hannie, things will get better for us. Just remembered that they are best friends” Yunho said.

“No Yunho, I’m really fucking sick of Yoochun actions. I just want to march into Jaejoong’s bedroom. Tell Park Yoochun, that he needs to pick who’s his boyfriend. Since for the past few months, I feel like I’m single” Hankyung replied.

“Stop it Hannie, just stop thinking like that. We both have amazing boyfriends, who love us very much.” Yunho said.

“I have a boyfriend who I never fucking see. Since my boyfriend is always spending time with his best friend. Bloody fucking hell, I’m going to talk with Yoochun. And I don’t give a damn, that you think I’m doing something stupid” Hankyung said.

Yunho just sat there silently watching Hannie leave the room. Then it hit him that he needs

to follow Hannie. So he could hopeful make things better for Hannie. And also to see how

Jaejoong would react to the whole situation. So Yunho races to Jaejoong’s bedroom. And when

he arrived in Jaejoong’s bedroom. Jaejoong and Yoochun were cuddling on the bed together.

And Hannie is just standing there.

“Umm Chunnie, we need to have a talk?” Hankyung asked.

“Sorry Hannie, but I’m busy with Jaejoong. We can just talk later” Yoochun answered.

“Well I’m also hoping to have a little talk with Jaejoong too” Yunho added.

“Yunho, Yoochun and I are really busy at the moment. So we would like it, if Hannie and you would leave” Jaejoong asked.

“Fucking hell, that it’s Kim Jaejoong. I want you to fucking pick who is more important to you. Is it your best friend or me your boyfriend” Yunho yelled.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Yunho?” Jaejoong screamed.

“I’m so fucking sick of everything, Jaejoong. Every time I arranged something for us.
Somehow Yoochun always needs you more than me. Also Yoochun, you’re such a jackass to poor Hannie. Hannie hardly gets to see you at all. So Jaejoong and Yoochun, both of you pick. Pick if your best friends or boyfriend is more important?” Yunho screamed.

“Umm sorry but I need to say a few things. First of all, I’m really sorry Hannie. I really didn’t mean to be such a terrible boyfriend. Yes Jaejoong is my best friend and brother to me. But you are my lover and very important to me. So please Hannie, I’m sorry that I hurted you in anyway. How about we watch a movie together. And I’ll give you a backrub” Yoochun said.

“I know Jaejoong is important to you. But please just don’t forget about me from time to time. And a movie sound wonderful” Hannie answered.

“Hannie, from now on. I’ll be a better boyfriend for you. I would never forget you at all, Hannie. But Jaejoong and Yunho, you two should have a talk” Yoochun added, before he and Hannie left the room.

“I’m sorry that I yelled at you. However Jaejoong, I know that Chunnie is really important to you. But I thought that I’m also important to you too. Sometimes I think that you would rather date Chunnie than me?” Yunho question.

“Yunho, I only want to date you. Just sometimes, umm I just don’t know. I know that both Yoochun and you are important to me. But sometimes I really worry about Chunnie. Since he’s so far away from his family. So I feel like I need spend as much time with him as possible. So I guess sometime, I forget about you. However Yunho I really do love you more than anything. And I’ll work hard on being a better boyfriend. Because as much as I do love Yoochun. It’s you who is first in my heart, Yunho” Jaejoong answered.

“It’s okay Jaejoong; I probably was making mountains out of ant-hill. I’ll try to be more understanding with the best friend thing” Yunho said.

“No Yunho, I’m a jackass boyfriend. But I’ll work on it, so I can be a better boyfriend. We’ll just take one day at a time. But I’ll make things better for us. And maybe once in a while, we can have a double date with Yoochun and Hannie?” Jaejoong asked.

“It’s not like I want you to give up your best friend. So doing a few double dates with Hannie and Yoochun would be fine. But how about a date for just us tonight?” Yunho asked.

“A date just for us, it sounds absolutely perfect” Jaejoong answered.

The End

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