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Title: Dear Hannie
Author: Ally
Rating: pg13
Pairing: HanChul, tiny bit of Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Summary: Heechul is trying to write a love letter for Hankyung
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

Hey Hannie,

You have a really sexy body. So we should totally get together for a fun time. And could you please always make sure. That you wear the tightest possible pants. So I can always stare at your award- winning ass.

P.S- I’ll be waiting in your bed wearing nothing but a smile

“Umm Heechul, I really don’t think. That you should give that letter to Hannie” Sungmin question.

“Why not, I know Hannie would love to receive a love letter from me” Heechul replied.

“Well the letter is kinda of sluttly” Sungmin answered.

“But I really wants some sexy time with Hannie” Heechul whined.

“I know that but you need to woo Hannie first. Since it’s not a one night stand, that you want. You want Hannie and you to be a forever thing.” Sungmin said.

“I really hate you at the moment. But I’ll try to write another love letter. And Hannie and me are a forever thing” Heechul answered.

My dearest beloved

Oh how I long to be by your side. These moments apart from you, they are a pain to my heart. Even now I count the seconds until we are together again. These moments are so very hard my dearest love. I long to be in your arms once again. So I can feel your warm lips upon my mine. And then I’ll try to find the words to describe my love for you. However I’m fairly sure, that there are no words in the world. That could truly show you how much I adored and love you. Well my love until we are together again. I’ll be dreaming of you, my true love. You are one who gives me a reason to live.
Always yours Heechul

“Well how is this letter?” Heechul asked.

“Umm it’s a really sweet love letter, Heechul. But it’s a little too romantic for Hannie. With that love letter it’s like there a war going on. And you two are separated by war and distance. When in reality, you two are in the same band and are roommates. But it’s a really sweet love letter but just not the right for you two” Sungmin answered.

“Well what the fucking hell is the right love letter” Heechul screamed.

“Something from the heart. A love letter that shows Hannie, that you truly love him” Sungmin answered.

“But that was a bloody amazing letter filled with my love” Heechul complained.

“Yeah a love letter from the eighteen century. Just try to write a more modern love letter” Sungmin replied.
“Fine I’ll write another damn love letter” Heechul yelled.

My beloved Hannie

For years I have long to be held in your warm embrace. When I see your warm eyes smile upon me. I know that everything will always be alright in the world. For years I had knew that it was you. The person who has the key to my heart. I just wish that I would found the courage ages ago. So hopeful you would accepted my love for you. So my dearest Hannie, I hope with this letter. You’ll accepted my love for you. Then we’ll the perfect couple forever

Love forever Heechul

“Well Heechul, that’s a better love letter for Hannie. However this letter doesn’t sound like you at all. Its sounds like a love letter from Siwon or Ryeowook. You need a love letter from Kim Heechul not someone else” Sungmin said.

“Fucking hell, writing this damn love letter is really hard. I though writing a damn letter would be fucking easy. How the fucking hell, did you get Kyuhyun to date you?” Heechul asked.

“I offered Kyuhyun a blow job to date me. And he had no problem with that at all” Sungmin answered.

“Why the fucking hell, can’t I do that to Hannie. I’m sure, that Hannie would fucking love a blow job from me” Heechul whined.

“But I thought that you want to do this the romantic way. So that is why, you’re writing a love letter for Hannie” Sungmin replied.

“I really fucking hate this. But my some to be Hannie is worth it. Even knowing just offering him a blow job would be a million times easier. And it would also lead to some fucking amazing sex with my Hannie” Heechul said.

“Well after the love letter, than the fucking hot sex will follow. So hurry up and write the damn love letter. So I can have some fun time with Kyuhyun” Sungmin

Dear Hangeng

Since the moment that I met you. I knew that I was in love with you. And to be completely honest, I really love you. Also I want you to fuck me every single day. So I think that we should just get together. And have some bloody amazing sex. And if you fucking say no to me. Then I’ll probably kill you or cut your balls off. So just say yes to dating me. And life will be fucking good for everyone

P.S I want you in my room in two minutes naked.

“Rella Rella Rella, what am I going to do with you?” Sungmin asked.

“But this love letter is absolutely perfect for Hannie” Heechul argued.

“No this demanding that Hannie date you. Well actually you’re demanding that Hannie have sex with you. Just remember that you love Hannie and want to love him forever. So just try one more time write a nice love letter for Hannie from your heart” Sungmin said.

“Fine I’ll try once more to write love letter for Hannie” Heechul answered.

Dear Hannie,

I like you and that all I need to say. I have been crazy about you since forever. But I could never find the right words to tell you. Well actually fuck this whole fucking idea of writing a damn love letter

“What the hell is that?” Sungmin asked.

“I’m going to see Hannie” Heechul replied, as he races out the room.
Heechul races to Hannie and his bedroom, So that he could have talk with Hannie. And luckily for Heechul, Hannie was laying on his bed.

“Hannie, I fucking love you, I want to date you. And of course I want having amazing sex with you. I try to write you a fucking love letter. But it’s fucking way easier to fucking tell you. That I really love you more than anything in this world” Heechul said.

“Kim Heechul try to write me a love letter. Wow do I feel really special” Hankyung teased.

“I fucking told you, that I love you” Heechul yelled.

“And I love you too, Kim Heechul” Hankyung answered, as he pulled Heechul onto the bed.

The End
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