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Title: Letters
Author: Ally
Rating: pg13
Summary:Heechul writes to Hangeng
Disclaimer: do not own them.
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

Dear Hangeng(since you're not my Hankyung anymore)

Just so you know, I really don't want to write to you at all. I think that

you are the biggest fucking asshole in the world. I can't stand you at all, I wish you would

die or something worse. However the only reason, why I'm writing to you. Is because Eeteuk

told me. That I was going to be locked in my bedroom. Until I either phone or wrote you.

Since supposedly have some issues with the whole fucking situation. Eeteuk thinks that I need

to fix the problems between us. But really there's absolutely nothing between us anymore.

Since I needing to write this letter. Especially with a letter I can write anything and not

hear your answers. So here what the fuck I'm feeling at the moment. What the bloody fucking

hell happened. First of all, I got to find out about the lawsuit from the fans. However since

I was going to give you a chance to explained everything. But after I heard the news about

you wanting to leave the group and me. I had to leave for a bloody photoshoot. When I arrived

home, I was going to find you. So I could tell you, that I would supported you in anyway

possible. However when I came to our shared bedroom, all your stuff was gone. There was no

letter or even a fucking post-it note. You just fucking leave me without anything. I received

no good-bye or you explaining anything to me. All I know is that you left me without a care.

Maybe for the past three years was just a joke to you. That I was a just a fun fuck toy. And

even to this day, it's been five months without a word from you. None of the members have

heard a word from you. Even if you wanted to leave Super Junior. Then you should talk with

the whole group. Especially since there are some many problems with the group at the moment.

Kangin having all his problems and now him going to army. But even with all his problems.

Kangin is always phone or e-mailing the group. And then with Kibum, he's fighting, so he can

come back to our Super Junior family. While you on the other hand, are doing everything to

get away from our family and me. You Hangeng, I always thought that you love me. But I guess

that I was so very fucking wrong. Finally I can't take it anymore, Hangeng. Even knowing that

you never say anything at all. But it's over between us. And I wish to never hear from you

again. So just stay the hell away from my family and friends


P.S-Kyuhyun decided to added a short note for you.

P.P.S-I fucking hate you


I really fucking hate you so much You were the one I always counted on to help me. Whenever I

had a problem or felt homesick. I could always go to you, and you would make me feel better.

However you fucking left me, without a word. Then even knowing I really hate you more than

anything in the worlds. I get to hear Heechul cry himself to sleep every night. Heechul loves

you more than anything in the world. But you left him without a fucking word. I hate the fact

that the person I looked the most up to. That fucking asshole disappointed me so much. I wish

I could see you again, so I could kill you. But if you ever come near my family again, I'll

make you regret it so fucking much.


P.S- Please just die, it would make everyone happy.

P.P.S- Also Kibum and Kangin added a note too.

Dear Hankyung

Oh Hankyung, I really wish I could talk with you. I really want to know what the hell is

going on with you. But you never answer your phone anymore. Hankyung, I know that things are

really bad at the moment. Really Hankyung look at all the trouble I'm going through at the

moment. But I'm still talking with my Super Junior family. So that I can fix the problems we

have. But we need you to talk with us. Hankyung, you just left without a word. So please call

or write us, then we can fixes things. Or even better come and visit with us. I'm leaving in

eight days for the army. So please come see us before I'm gone for two years.


P.S- Even if you don't come to see us. Remember that you're my brother and I love you.

Dear Hannie

Hannie, I know that things are really bad at moment. However things can get better for us,

Hannie. I know that things were never great for you. That your contract was very horrible and

cruel. But you have your family to help you. But you always needing to be the strong one. Now

please let us help you with this whole situation. We are family and love you so much. But I

really hope, you'll come see you before Kangin leaves for the army. Also a little bit of good

news. I'm finally going to be more involved with Super Junior. And I'm so thrilled to be

with my family again. I just hope my whole family will be together soon.

Love Kibum

My Dearest Rella

I miss you so much, more than words can describe. I really wish more than

anything in the world. That I could be beside you or hold you in my arms. I hate how unfair

life is to us. I really want to have talk with the groups and especially you. However when I

talk with the company. They told me, if I talk with anyone in the group. Then when the

lawsuit is over, then it would be the end of Super Junior. But Rella please just know, that

with the lawsuit. It was never so I could leave Super Junior and you. I just want a better

contract with SM company. So I could take time to get healthy and see my parents. When I try

to talk with company, they told me to stop acting childish and be a man. I needing to do

something about the situation. I just never knew it would get so bad. I never ever meant to

hurt you in anyway. But really I wish that I would be brave enough to sent this letter to

you. However I know that I'll never sent this letter to you. This letter will go in the box

with all the other letters I have wrote to you and the other members. I miss everyone so much

and love everyone. My beautiful princess Rella, you're the love of my life. I wish I could

spend every second with you. But life hates me so much. I stay away so Super Junior can live

on, even without me. And trust me, Rella I wish I could be there. Maybe one day I'll be back

with my amazing family and my love. One more thing, Rella it will never be over for me. I'll

always consider you to be my lover and my true love.

Love Hannie

P.S- Please watch over Kyuhyun for me. I miss my little brother so much. And I know he must

hate me more than anything. But I love him and miss him. Tell Kangin that he better come back

safely to Super Junior family. And with Kibum I'm so happy that he's coming back to the

group. Just tell everyone I love them and I'm so proud of them. And I really wish I could be

there with my family. I wish I could write more but it's so painful to write this letter.

Since I know I'll never sent this letter. And I have no clue when I'll see or talk to any of

you. But I love and miss everyone so much.

AN- with everything going on with the lawsuit. I think that Hankyung just needs to do what right for himself. I really want everything to work for the best for all of Super Junior. And even knowing i was not very nice Hankyung here. He still is and will always be my favorite member. It's because of him, that I found Super Junior.
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