8lucky8 (8lucky8) wrote,

wow it's been a while since i posted anything. well first of all, thanks for the birthday wishes and messages. unfortunately my birthday really suck this year. but see those messages did really cheer me up. but on to other things, now the really reason why i have not been writing at all. it's because i had some really bad comments about my writing. and yes people i know my writing is fairly crappy. And yes i know my grammar is just bloody sad. And yes i did try beta readers. however i did have some problems with them. my first one was brillant but too busy with real life. then the other two just told me, that my writing is crap and not worth their time, but writing calms me down from the stress in my life. and i really enjoy it. so i'm going to start writing again. but i'll probably just posted my stories here at my lj. i hope that eceryone is doing fine and happy. so i'm going to finish a yoko/aiba one-shot. then hopeful i'll think of a new plot.
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